Latest Movie 2024 Safed Full Details & Reviews

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welcome to the filmination of all of you, today we are going to explain. Recently, a great movie Safed, which you will definitely like, so like the video too. Let’s start the story. Friends, in the beginning of the movie, we are shown by a boy named Chandi, who is actually a transgender and he is crying very badly while running. Then suddenly the scene changes where we are shown by some transgender. who was wearing a garland on a transgender’s body, throwing slippers on him and celebrating his death. Then we see the teacher of those transgenders, who looked very dangerous. And the teacher says, why did you go to God so soon? At least take the pleasure of life. Then after a while, all the transgenders burn that body. Latest Movie 2024 Safed Full Details & Reviews.

Latest Movie 2024 Safed

Safed Movie OTT Details

Movie Name Safed
OTT Platform Zee5
OTT Release Date 08 May 2024
Theatrical Release Date 30 April 2024
Director Sandeep Singh
Writer TBA
Language Hindi
Starring Meera Chopra, Abhay Verma, Barkha Bisht
Cinematography TBA
Music Director TBA
Editor TBA
Film Industry Bollywood
Genre Drama
Budget 2 Crore
Now in the next scene,

we see a girl named Kali, after her husband died, Now she has become a widow and Kali now has to spend her whole life wearing a white sari and living with those widows in the ashram. After some time, Chandi also starts living with all the transgenders. Then Chandi meets a transgender named Radha and tells her that we transgenders have to endure a lot in this world. And to live their lives, they have to do strange and dirty work and feed their stomachs. Now the scene changes and all the transgenders go to a sweet shop and ask for money. In which Chandi also went with them. Then they discuss the transgender Guruma with the sweets vendor. And Guruma asks her friends to pick up her sari.


Chandi was finding all this very strange. Because she had never done this before. Then at night, Guruma comes to Chandi and talks to her. Because Chandi was not eating food. Then Guruma forces Chandi to eat food and says. That God has made us like this. There is no fault of ours in this. And we will have to fight with society and live like this. And even by selling our body, we will have to feed our stomach and live. Saying this, Guruma asks all the transgenders to clap. And all the transgenders cheer up Chandi. Now one day Chandi and Radha were sitting together. Then two men come to them drunk and intoxicated. Then Radha takes a man with her so that they can have fun and earn some money.


The other man starts opening his clothes in front of Chandi and tries to force Chandi. Then Chandi comes in anger, pushes that man and climbs on him and hits him and injures him. After which she saves herself and runs away from there. But Chandi didn’t know that all these transgenders do such wrong things to feed themselves. After seeing all this, Chandi gets upset with her life and jumps into the river. So that she can kill herself. But there Kali comes and saves Chandi from drowning. And Kali felt that Chandi is a man. After which Kali now talks to Chandi. And as soon as Kali asks Chandi for her name. Then Chandi tells Kali her name is Chand. Because Chandi liked Kali somewhere.
And if he tells Kali that he is transgender. So maybe she never talks to him. The next morning, when Chandi comes home, Radha gets angry with Chandi and beats her up. Because she raised her hand on the customer at night and this can cause a lot of damage to them. Even after Radha’s beating, Chandi smiles because Chandi got a clap that night. And maybe Chandi fell in love with Kali too. Now the next day, Chandi comes to meet Kali wearing a pant shirt. Where there are a lot of talks between them and they laugh a lot. This was also seen by the mother of the widow ashram. who tells her a friend that Kali is looking so good while laughing. Now the same way Chandi and Kali keep meeting and it seemed that Kali also started loving Chandi, whom she was thinking of as Chand.

In the conversation,

Kali tells Chand about her desire to worship Lord Shiva and Chand also worships Lord Shiva with Kali. Then when they both were going to worship together, then Radha sees Chandi with Kali and understands that she is the same girl who Chandi was talking about. And Chandi loves him. Radha sees Chandi and hopes that their pair will be safe. Then Kali tells Chandi that she is very scared of thieves. But Kali didn’t know that she was thinking of Chand. In reality, she is also one of them. Now in the next scene, Radha tells Chandi that we can’t be boys even if we change our clothes. Because our body will remain the same. How long will you be able to lie to Kali?
One day the truth will come out. Then the next day Chandi takes the radio and goes to Kali’s widow’s ashram. Where all the widows play songs and dance a lot in that radio. Then Chandi and Kali also come a little closer. Then after some time, now the festival of Holi comes. Then Kali tries to come close to Chandi. But Chandi could not do all that which Kali wanted. Then Chandi quietly leaves from there. And Kali thinks that maybe Chandi does not love her. And after coming from there, Chandi gets very drunk in anger. Because she was getting angry at herself that why did God make her like this. Then at night a transgender makes Chandi drunk. She thinks she is a customer and brings her to sleep.


then that transgender comes to know that in reality she is a transgender herself. Then a man comes there and forcefully misbehaves with Chandi. And after enduring all this, Chandi breaks and cries a lot. Now the next day, Chandi and Radha go to Kali’s widow’s ashram in the form of their transgender to tell the truth. That her name is not Chandi but Chandi and in reality she is a transgender. Along with that, Chandi says that I still love you a lot. And Kali gets shocked to see all this and she doesn’t understand what is happening. Chandi then cries, spreads her arms and asks Kali to accept her. But Kali was standing quietly. Then Radha takes Chandi with her because she knew that Kali would never accept her.


Chandi goes and tells the widow’s mother to tell Kali to accept me. Now in the next scene, the same mother gives Chandi a red sari and a bindi and says that we are not destined to be widows, but we also have the right to be happy. And you accept Kali. Now Kali had loved Chandi, not her body. After which Kali gets ready well, dresses like a bride and leaves the widow’s ashram to meet Chandi. Where all the widows bid goodbye to Kali well. Now leaving the ashram, Kali was remembering all the moments spent with Chandi. And here Chandi was drinking alcohol and mourning at night. Also she was talking about killing herself. Then Kali comes and meets Chandi. and both are very happy to see each other and everything goes well between them. Latest Movie 2024 Safed Full Details & Reviews


Kali and Chandi hold hands and go to the river and then jump into the river and talk to each other that this society will never accept the relationship of a transgender and a widow and both hug each other happily in the water and give their lives. After that, all the transgender and widows burn the bodies of Chandi and Kali together so that they are never separated and this movie ends here. Friends, how did you like this movie? Do let us know in the comment section. And do comment on the next explanation on which movie you want. Rest if you want to watch a new amazing web series then watch this video. Latest Movie 2024 Safed Full Details & Reviews.

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